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Battlestar Galactica

beporterbeporter Posts: 123
edited July 2007 in General
Holy crap. I just (finally!) finished up season 3. Damn is that a heck of a way to leave things! I haven't had a show give me goosebumps like this for a long time.


  • SkipSkip Posts: 9
    oh man I haven't even made it thru all of season 2 yet, I need to get on it i guess.
  • SGSG Posts: 76
    I've never seen any! Anyone care to fill me in on what I'm missing?
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    The BEST sci-fi/drama on TV. Go buy the seasons from iTunes or on DVD: you won't be disappointed. This is nothing like the show from the 70's (although it stays remarkably faithful to it in some ways).

    Believe it or not, I actually don't like a lot of "classic" modern sci-fi. I was never a big fan of Babylon 5, or Farscape, or even the original Star Trek (I do enjoy TNG, DS9 and Voyager though). All that said, this is somehow very different. It's not "cheesy" in any way, and could be put on par with West Wing or some other "serious" drama in terms of quality and allure. You will get sucked in and emotionally attached to the characters. The special effects are top notch, and you'll end up whooping at the screen during the battles. There will also be plenty of times when you nearly fall out of your seat from the shock of what just happened. This series has tons of twists and turns, and doesn't dumb things down for its audience. This is a show that has earned, and deserves, respect.

    If the series has any failing, it's that it is very serial and not at all episodic. That is to say: it's hard to jump into things in the middle and know what the hell is going on. Of course, if you watch from the beginning, it won't be a problem. ;-)

    Seriously, I have not enjoyed a show as much as this since...

    ...well, I honestly can't think of the last show I was this attached to. It's funny, because I was hugely skeptical (and cynical) when they announced they were doing a remake of Battlestar Galactica, but I will quite willingly put my foot in my mouth for ever thinking this iteration was going to be anything less than spectacular.
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    Can somebody explain this Razor thing to me please? What happened to good old Season 4 of the show following the battlestar named Galactica? Why do I care about Pegasus? What the hell is going on?
  • Well, as somebody who has seen it (thanks bittorrent) I can say that it is just extra material that isn't really part of the main story. They used all the actors from the Pegasus episodes to do this little side plot, plus a hugely miscast new character (I don't think the actress will ever get work again, sadly). I would guess that it was just a couple episodes that got canned, but they decided to do them anyway because of this writers strike thing.

    It just fills in some back story was alluded to in other episodes, but is mostly irrelevant, and kind of left me pissed off. It is half flashback (pegasus backstory), and half lesser-flashback (during the 1 year gap), and most of the main cast is not in it. I would say it is worth watching if you are a huge fan, but it is definitely not grade-A BSG.

    In conclusion, your misgivings are justified. I do hope they will pull together in January with the new episodes...
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    edited November 2007
    I appreciate the explanation. I had been hearing that season 4 was coming back in October since like, January so the whole Razor thing was a total WTF for me. The DVR will grab it because it has "bsg" in it, but I'm glad the pressure is off to explain (and watch) this little side-step for the time being. As for the writer's strike, I'm more or less behind them in their reasoning (to the extent that I understand it) and I am also perfectly content to wait as long as necessary for more REAL BSG so if it takes till 2009 to get their act together I'll live.
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  • Yeah, this writers strike isn't bothering me in the least. The writer's seem well-justified, and you have to admit that the industry could benefit from some major shake-ups. I will just fill my time with some video games and maybe read a couple of books, and I will be better off for it.
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    I couldn't agree more. Usually my only problem is that I'm so braindead when I get home from work that I can't concentrate on a game or a book. I seriously just want to turn off and veg. It's depressing.

    Actually I just started martial arts again with most of the other techs from work (ALL of which I went to high school with) so now I at least have an excuse to get out of the office at 5 two nights a week, but darn am I tired after that!
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