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RAM Upgrade

SGSG Posts: 76
edited December 2007 in General
I'm looking to upgrade the RAM to 2 GBs in my mom's macbook. I don't think I'm going to actually have any trouble performing the upgrade itself, but Im not sure where to buy the ram. Any advice other than avoid going through apple themselves?


  • Punch anyone who advises you to go through apple. Pretty much any PC-5300 SODIMMS will work.

    The expensive 'High Performance' stuff won't give you any benefit since you can't tweak the ram timings and is waste of money, but RAM with standard timing should do the trick. The ultra-cheap off-brand stuff is not always a great idea as is the case for non-macs.

    I don't really know what the best retailers in the US are, but i have been at a Fry's and they seemed pretty good. At, you can go through the system advisor thingie, but I am not sure they will be the cheapest.

    I am interested in what others have to say for retailers since I need to upgrade my MBP and my parent's future iMac to 4gb and, at that volume, it might be worthwhile to get it cross-border.
  • YureiYurei Posts: 14
    Porter usually recommends Crucial, but he may have a few others up his sleeve.
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    wow didn't see this thread at all. Yeah, yurei is spot on-- I never buy from anywhere but Crucial. The prices tend to good and the quality of the ram is high. I used to use Mushkin, but I recall it being expensive and I haven't tried it any time recently.
  • smilrsmilr Posts: 3
    One more vote for Crucial :)
  • SGSG Posts: 76
    I went with Crucial and all went well.

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