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beporterbeporter Posts: 123
edited January 2007 in General
Consider this a continuation of the notes I posted on the homepage at

The update for today is that I'll be taking over ownership of the domain from slightcrazed. He's been caretaker of it for a few years now (with Ribs before him) and now that there is so little interest in the site and the community it makes sense to downsize back to me. I have no grandiose plans for the domain name at the moment, nor am I planning on shutting everything down and sitting on the name.... I really don't know what should happen.

I guess I'm open to suggestions. As it is, I'm personally not quite ready to just let the domain name lapse so I'd like to be able to maintain it myself for the time being.


  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    edited January 2007
    The BBCode addon has trouble rendering double returns as new paragraphs. I'll have to look into that. It also doesn't correctly interpret the end of URLs such as <-- Notice the period is included in the URL.
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  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    Domain name is under my control now.

    [p]Mwuaahh HA HA!

    [p]Seriously, Slight asked me if I have any plans, and right now I don't. I'd still like to build a community around the name, and I've also enjoyed using CSR as a testbed/showcase for some of my web programming projects (even if nobody ever saw the mechanics at work behind the scenes), but right now I just am not sure what I should do.

    [p]I am however, exploring Googles "Apps" service a bit, so we'll see where that goes.
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    edited February 2007
    [p]Okay, new services available! I'm not entirely sure how to use all of them yet, but here's some URLs for you. If you ever wanted your very one "" email address, now's your chance to sign up! If you don't want to post it here, shoot me an email at and I'll create an account for you!

    [p]I need two pieces of information: your real name and your preferred username. (Your username is also your email address: "terraji" will get you "".) I'll send the account info either to the email address you have on record here or to the email address you send your request to me from.
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  • terrajiterraji Posts: 69
    edited February 2007
    I assume you are using the free service and the email will stick around as long as is in friendly hands. Is there any noticeable downside that you have encountered so far with the free version? I wouldn't mind setting up a few gmail-style accounts for my domains. What kind of records do you have to put in the DNS?

    Sign me up.

    Jarret Dyrbye

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  • SGSG Posts: 76
    It's pretty spiffy. My dream finally come true...
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    edited February 2007
    Email with UN and PW has been sent.

    [p]Yes, it's the free service, and as long as Google offers it for free it'll continue to operate. I don't plan on letting the domain name lapse for a good long time still.

    [p]I haven't noticed any downside, but then I've never seen the Pro version so I can't compare the two. All of the services are exactly like Google's normal offerings, except with a different domain at the end and with the addition of some collaboration tools.

    [p]DNS setup (for the free version at least) requires CNAME records from each of the subdomains ( to, and adding a whole slew of load balancing MX servers to the root domain. Dead simple.
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  • Mail sent to will hit my main inbox. I have the forwards set up all geek style.

    I set up mail for my own domain too. ;) Hopefully the spam doesn't roll in too quickly.

    This is all very cool.

    Thanks Porter.
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
  • SGSG Posts: 76
    edited May 2007
    [p]Yeah, I'm sure they'll be more than few complaints registered with the BBB. Lord knows they deserve them. [/p]

    [p]On an unrelated note...

    One of the guys I'm going to be living with at school next year is a big fan of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. First of all, it's free. It looks like a lot of fun and I should have some time come Monday to play games again. Might be worth checking out. [/p]
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  • smilrsmilr Posts: 3
    Been awhile since I was here, did you know that is currently the first result returned by Google for a search on "recongamer" tres nifty!
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    Yeah, I wish it did some good in order to help us figure out what actually happened. It still bugs me that they just "disappeared" and got away with it.

    Actually, we may actually be getting a CS server back online sometime in the next few months. I don't want to say too much more about it now, but it would be a wicked fast connection (in Chicago) with no data transfer limits and my own hardware (which I currently don't have-- hence the "next couple months...maybe" part).
  • SGSG Posts: 76
    I'd be willing to donate $$ if it would help. I probably wouldn't have the time to play but I took advantage of the generosity of others for a number of years, least I could do is chip in some money.
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    Not sure if dead communities still have birthdays, but CSR would have had its... 5th? 6th? just last month. Ryo and I convinced the community leaders of the time (Father Ribs, et. al.) to utilize the website design and backend we had built as the basis of the "new" cs RELOADED community.

    I wish I had a birthday cake with candles to blow out so I could wish for the hardware to build a new server!
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    And to respond more directly to SG's comment; I wouldn't want to take any donations unless I could garantee enough would exist to actually put a full machine together. (Essentially that means not until after the fact.)
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    CSR had another birthday a few months ago. I've lost count what it's up to. Eight years I think?
  • SGSG Posts: 76
    I remember playing 1.5 on CSR but I'm sure people go back even further than that. I wasn't here from the beginning.

    Can't remember the last time I booted up steam.
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    We had a big "history" page on the old site.

    It all started with Eugene and Davin at They set up a CS 1.3 server for their forum members, who included Ryo, Father Ribs and a couple others even *I* can't remember any more. After a year or two they had to shut down because it was such a pain in the ass to manage a bunch of 13 year olds on the server. That's when Counter-Strike Review was born. That lasted a little while before people couldn't agree on how to run it. Ryo and I stepped in and registered the new domain,, and rebuilt everything (site and server) from scratch. I tried my best to always give the community what it wanted (as my time permitted). That went really well until ReconGamer went belly-up. Then we were down for I think about a year and a half before a business associate of mine gave me a dedicated WinXP box on his law firms 100Mbit "backup" internet connection, which is where we are now. Of course, the firm had an air conditioner problem, so Pat had to shut down EVERYTHING non essential in the server room, including our box, so right now we have nothing except this little forum.
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    I was pretty productive over this holiday break. I got the old site dumped to a static HTML copy and uploaded it. I posted to the plain-jane homepage for the first time in nearly 6 years. I also updated this forum package to the latest available version. Now all I need to do is get the game server back up and running and rebuild a proper website for us...
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