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Game Time!

PhoenixKnightPhoenixKnight Posts: 17
edited October 2008 in General
Salutations, All!

1st Revival Game Day is Saturday, Oct. 4th at 1pm (CST)!

Hope to see everyone there!


  • Me and JB are 6 hours ahead then? One or other will no doubt be there :)
  • SGSG Posts: 76
    I might not be able to make it this time around. Hopefully, I'll be there in spirit though and somebody will raise their blade in tribute before driving it into the back of an unsuspecting camper.
  • We will flex in your name, SG!
  • SkipSkip Posts: 9
    Sorry I missed it, I was out of town this weekend, I will try to attend the next one.
  • terrajiterraji Posts: 69
    When is the next one?
  • We're having one every Saturday at 1pm CST. You can almost certainly count on a couple of Wumpas showing up.
  • terrajiterraji Posts: 69
    Yikes, I am scared to see how rusty I have gotten.
  • We're all shaking off the cobwebs a little...but what better place to do it? =D
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    I don't know, Justboy and Grounded seem to both be in fine shape still.
  • Touche...JB did a pretty good job of thoroughly trouncing us...
  • JB racks up around 25 hours a day server time on average. I'm not sure I've played 25 hours total this year :o
  • SkipSkip Posts: 9
    I think I can make it this week. :-)
  • Whoa, 25 hours a day? JB, you holdin' out on a time machine? 'cause you gotta share that stuff!
  • SkipSkip Posts: 9
    Are you guys playing tomorrow at 1pm CST?
  • Potentially...for the past couple of weeks, it's just been the Wumpas (and JB/Grounded) for the most part. Some fresh old blood would be nice! =D
  • And, by potentially, I mean that we'll most likely be playing...especially if other folks are gonna actually show up. Sign on so we can all friend each other on Steam at the very least.
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