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GroundedGrounded Posts: 32
edited July 2009 in General
Oops...haven't logged in here for ages...

Anyone still checking in in a morbidly curious kind of way?

My online gaming has now all but completely transferred to the Xbox, although JB still dominates the odd CS pub game from time to time. Net connection has only gotten worse (if that seems like it could be possible), but if anyone feels like melee+no-scoping me on Gears 2 I'm StuGrounded on Live and Tom is TomJustboy. See what we did there?



  • SGSG Posts: 76

    I occasionally check to see if anyone is still alive. Alas, gaming isn't really something I do frequently anymore. For a good eight months of the year for the last three, I've spent at least eight hours a day in a library. One could argue I haven't learned anything about chemical engineering in that time and I should have just been playing video games or any other number of activities.

    There's a sexbox around here, but it's not mine. Otherwise I'd renew my ancient live account and pick up a copy. If our former roommate fails to claim his property I'll bite.

    Anyway, it's good to know you're still alive. Though unless you downgraded to a 14.4 k dial up I can't imagine your trans-atlantic connection could get any worse.
  • GroundedGrounded Posts: 32
    We 'upgraded' from 512k to 'up to 2mb'... Now I lag out whenever the phone rings :(

    Combination of piss poor ISP and dodgy wiring I'd wager, but as with everything else it takes effort to fix and effort is in short supply ;)
  • SGSG Posts: 76
    I think the up to 2mb might be your total bandwidth allotment for the entire month. Gotta read the fine print.

    If process design and control end up being less work than I thought, I'll hop back into gaming just for you doll.
  • fottyfotty Posts: 2
    Hello all. I stumbled back into the CSR forum and thought it was pretty funny that some of you are still floating around here!!

    Haven't played CS:S in a good while now, and CS 1.6 in ages, but I do have an xbox 360 to keep my gaming urges under control.

    Most of my time now is spent working with computers, and writing software, pretty much exclusively with Microsoft technologies.
  • GroundedGrounded Posts: 32
    I work at a private school writing administrative type web apps in ASP.NET/C#/SQL. Yawn.
  • I check in here every couple weeks. Mostly tumbleweeds, though.

    I write software for a living too. However, entirely non-Microsoft. :)
  • Yeah, it's been a while since even I have checked back here.
  • I manage an outsourced IT company (we handle computer needs for businesses too small to have their own techs on the payroll). On occasion I get to do the random website, and I wrote a web app for our company to handle ticket and time tracking (we used to have to do it all on paper!).
  • I have gotten involved in this science/skepticism radio show/podcast thing lately. We broadcast every Friday at 6pm MST, 8pm EST. I am managing the studio sound boards.

    I know a lot of you don't check in very often, but tonight we have Adam Savage of Mythbusters calling in as a guest on the show.

    If you miss it, it should be on the podcast stream sometime this weekend. We also have Randall Munroe of XKCD booked for Oct 2nd. :)
  • terrajiterraji Posts: 69
    and the xkcd episode is posted on the podcast...
  • PrimerPrimer Posts: 1
    Hey everyone!

    Wow it's been a while. I'm poking around here trying to figure out what's going there a server up, are people still playing, etc?

    My steam ID is ssm_skater if anyone wants to play. After 3 or 4 years my old PowerBook's screen decided to take a poop, so I got a new 24'' iMac which I decided to load Boot Camp/Vista onto, so I've been able to play CS for the first time in a few years :)
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    Adam is awesome. I enjoy the behind the scenes Mythbusters pics he and Grant post to Twitter.

    I'm @beporter, btw. My updates are protected though. Lemme know what your @name is if you intend on following me so I know to accept it.
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    Server was onlne till our generous host had to shut it down due to heat. His office's server room's dedicated AC unit died or something. Haven't heard a status update for a few weeks.

    The Wumpas have been playing Guild Wars mostly...when free time permits. I haven't played CS in years, but there IS a CS Reloaded Steam group you can join. Makes it easier to keep up with everyone. I'll have to boot my PC up and invite you.
  • I jacked in my job a few weeks ago, so as of Friday the 30th I'll be free and clear for a daytime CS revival. With a couple of months of solid training I should be back up to my career high of pick-up reserve by the Christmas hols :)
  • SGSG Posts: 76
    Exams are done. I'll be looking to play something if you guys are down.

    Additionally, I now own a PS3. So if anyone has one, look rad306 up.
  • How'd they go?

    I'll play anything, although I don't have a PS3.
  • SGSG Posts: 76
    I'm looking to pull respectable grades in pretty much everything. Hopefully, the GPA ends up somewhere between 3.0 and 3.5 (out of 4). I turned in an awesome report for the first half of my senior design project, but biochem is still up in the air. It's exciting to know that I'm a semester away from never having to take another chemical engineering related exam.

    The computer I'm sporting these days doesn't have an actual video card. So really the only thing I can do is CS. I'm literally free all day though, so give me a time range.
  • Mmm on-board graphics. Currently trying to arrange a playtest of dod_remy_b1!
  • 2010 first!

    For anyone who's vaguely interested, dod_remy_b1 has been played a good few times now and was enjoyed by all :)
  • SGSG Posts: 76
  • GroundedGrounded Posts: 32
    Not sure if this will work but...


    I lost the final RMF files for most of the later revisions of de_remy_final, so the vast majority of the fine detail was all lost. Basically I threw on an axis spawn behind the original CT spawn, stuck 2 artillery guns in the courtyards as cap points, and added a small amount of debris/destruction like you see in every DOD map.
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    The CSR CS server *should* be back up again. Admittedly, I haven't checked in on it in a while.
  • I hereby pronounce the CSR community dead. RIP. Goodbye to all the memories.
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    Yeah it's pretty much done. 4 years since ReconGamer went under.
  • I'm still here!
  • SGSG Posts: 76
    I am alive.

    I still haven't gotten around to buying a new computer. I plan on doing that shortly though.
  • Me too. Struggling to decide on the spec though!
  • SGSG Posts: 76
    edited January 2011
    At the moment, I don't have a desk. I don't see that changing either so I'm looking for a laptop. Everything I want to play is pretty much multi-platform anyway, so the ps3 covers most of the bases.

    That said, I'm trying to wait out the new revisions of everything. Hopefully, I can go without playing civ 5 a little bit longer...

    Focus: What does everyone play these days anyway?

    I've played through Fallout 3 and New Vegas twice each now. Neither quite captures the same atmosphere as the first two games, but I enjoyed them in their own right. That and the ps3 version is buggy as hell.

    I'm looking forward to Deus Ex Human Revolution(I think you can see the trend here...and likely disappointment) and possibly Guild Wars 2.
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  • I loved Fallout 3. Must have played it through at least 3 times. New Vegas was okay, but just not quite as good. I hadn't played any of the original Fallout games so I didn't really have any grievances in terms of staying true to the seriess.

    I keep missing the Deus Ex pack on Steam when I goes on sale for a pittance. Remember loving it first time around, but I'm sure it hasn't aged well. Still, Human Revolution will be a must buy.

    Gears 3 has been pushed back, but that'll be another lock. Red Dead Redemption lasted a good couple of months last year, and the improved Forge in Halo:Reach also kept my interest for a while.

    I suspect I'll probably end up caving and getting a PS3 at some point this year, and then spend a while catching up on the decent exclusives. I've already bought Little Big Planet and Infamous in the January sales :)
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