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terrajiterraji Posts: 69
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When ReconGamer went down, I had a thread pimping a short film I made with some friends. Since then, we have made a bit more stuff of higher quality. It is all on YouTube here:

There are also a couple more video projects I have in various stages of completion that will be appearing in the future.

anyone else have any content on YouTube?


  • terrajiterraji Posts: 69
    Forgive the plug,
    I have put together a series of episodes which come from the mind of the one who played on the server many moons ago as Miscreant. The first part launched today, and I will be uploading an episode every Tuesday for the next four weeks (there are 4 more episodes in the pipeline, mostly complete at the moment).

    It was filmed on a greenscreen and I put a lot of work into the compositing. It was definitely very educational for learning the tools and methods (Final Cut mostly).

    I hope you check it out.
  • terrajiterraji Posts: 69
    The next installment:
    [p]Part 1
  • beporterbeporter Posts: 123
    Who doesn't love Sean Connery? Seriously.
  • terrajiterraji Posts: 69
    I am a believer in the philosophy that a little bit of Connery can improve nearly anything.
  • terrajiterraji Posts: 69
    I had a bit of spare time on Sunday and I did a little fooling around with final cut:

    Disco Sucks
  • terrajiterraji Posts: 69
    edited October 2007
    For the Edmonton International Film Festival that just wrapped up this week. I was part of a University student group team for the 24 hour film making competition. We won a prize for Best Director and came in 3rd in audience voting. That is pretty damn good seeing as 55 teams entered and there are only 3 prizes (best director, best cinematography and audience choice).

    We got our topic and line to include at noon on Sept 29th and had to submit at noon on the 30th. The theme/topic was 'the number 21' and the line was "The 21st annual Edmonton International Film Festival" I edited the film and got no sleep.

    Here it is:

    Die Schuld

    Here is a local news segment which covered our team's progress: (I am the guy at the mac with the glazed over eyes, naturally)

    CityTV news segment
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