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beporterbeporter Posts: 123
edited February 2007 in General
So because my company is a Microsoft Partner, they sent us a company copy of Vista Business Edition (which is probably everyone's best bet pricewise, provided you don't have a real Media PC hooked up to your TV). I borrowed a spare HD from work and installed the sucker on my Shuttle Friday night (and yesterday, and today). So far, I have two initial reactions that are not necessarily connected to each other:
  • Well, this doesn't really have anything all that special.
  • Huh... wait: everything that is new compared to XP doesn't look new to me because I've been doing it on my Mac for the past 2 years.
[p]Seriously though, this is the most un-impressive release I've ever seen. I can't FIND anything because the CHANGED everything. The new "features" (like requiring your approval to open EVERY SINGLE CONTROL PANEL) drive you nuts immediately and make you turn them off, and there's no software.

[p]THe firsst thing I did was install Firefox, then Steam, then Guild Wars.GW works great by the way, once you replace the stock Microsoft graphics driver with one from your card's manufacturer. Steam installs, but crashes if you try to run the hardware survey with an "unrecognized version of Windows" error. Half-Life and CS run too, but HL2 wouldn't even launch for me, even after forcing software rendering mode. Looks like there's some work to be done.

[p]Now really, I've just enumerated the entire list of activities I perform on my PC, so there's not really anything else I need to install other than a huge stack of other (older) PC games. As long as most of them run, there's no reason not to keep Vista, but had I known what I was (not) getting I never would have bothered to begin with. (That's not entirely true because in my line of work I need to be familiar with Vista before my customers need to be, so I would have installed it anyway, but you get my point.)

[p]Final conclusion: don't bother (yet). There's nothing here you need (again: yet). If you do plan on upgrading anyway, get a second HD along with the Vista DVD, and dual boot. You're not going to be happy with having to use Vista 100% of the time yet. Let's hope the service pack due out later this year smoothes out some of the rough edges.


  • I sure as heck don't have any plans for getting it. Surely in a year or two it will become necessary for games and stuff, but now all it does is degrade your performance.

    I'm moving my parents and grandparents to OS X when it comes time for them to upgrade so I can finally let the windows part of my brain atrophy.
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