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October 18, 1980


  • I was pretty productive over this holiday break. I got the old site dumped to a static HTML copy and uploaded it. I posted to the plain-jane homepage for the first time in nearly 6 years. I also updated this forum package to the latest available ver…
  • Man I really need to check this more often. I'm going to be starting a new job in a few weeks as a project lead for a CakePHP developer. I get to work from home! Maybe I'll have time at some point to get a CS 1.6 server set back up on iCabbit... I …
  • Yuna and I had a daughter a few months ago, so my time is pretty much gone. Ironically, she likes watching me play Zelda: Skyward Sword, which I've found quite enjoyable so far. I still play Guild Wars on Tuesdays when the crying baby permits, but I…
  • Yeah it's pretty much done. 4 years since ReconGamer went under.
  • The CSR CS server *should* be back up again. Admittedly, I haven't checked in on it in a while.
  • Server was onlne till our generous host had to shut it down due to heat. His office's server room's dedicated AC unit died or something. Haven't heard a status update for a few weeks. The Wumpas have been playing Guild Wars mostly...when free time …
  • Adam is awesome. I enjoy the behind the scenes Mythbusters pics he and Grant post to Twitter. I'm @beporter, btw. My updates are protected though. Lemme know what your @name is if you intend on following me so I know to accept it.
  • I manage an outsourced IT company (we handle computer needs for businesses too small to have their own techs on the payroll). On occasion I get to do the random website, and I wrote a web app for our company to handle ticket and time tracking (we us…
  • Yeah, it's been a while since even I have checked back here.
  • We had a big "history" page on the old site. It all started with Eugene and Davin at They set up a CS 1.3 server for their forum members, who included Ryo, Father Ribs and a couple others even *I* can't remember any more. After …
  • CSR had another birthday a few months ago. I've lost count what it's up to. Eight years I think?
  • I'm a new homeowner, so I got a ladder and a garage door opener! Good times! I also got a UPS for one of my computers and a funny book about useless information from a guy at work. It was a real light year for us because pretty much everyone vote…
  • Just a quick update: I'm still waiting for all the necessary ports to be opened (they are different for a srcds server vs. an hlds server.)
  • I don't know, Justboy and Grounded seem to both be in fine shape still.
  • We were (are) a community of CounterStrike players that used to host our server with RG. We didn't lose any money when they went under, so I guess we were lucky. It was really inconsiserate to just up and go out of business. They could have sent us …
  • I would LOVE to get a game night scheduled. The weekend would be way better for me becuase I'm going to be constrained to about two hours if it's a weeknight. Plus, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights would be out anyway due to preexisting weekly e…
  • Yeah it seems like pretty much all of the remaining CS servers I've played on are running full-custom rotations. The times have definitely changed. To be honest though, my ONLY goal this time around is to satisfy the "regulars" like you guys and the…
  • That UFO2000 mod is totally awesome by the way. I think Yu^rei and I tried it once and I totally enihilated him. At the time (it was years ago) it still needed a lot of work though. It looks like it's got more polish now.
  • You all are seriously missing out. This has been an incredible weekend. Gabe and Tycho are absolutley hilarious in person and the OneUps and Jonathan Coulton played a realy entertaining concert Friday night just packed with videogame music. A full…
    in PAX '08 Comment by beporter August 2008
  • I always forgot to do a safety check on my squad car when I played PQ1. I didn't have a computer back in those days so my only exposure I had to most of the "classics" was from a friend of mine named Andrew who lived down the street and had a 386.…
  • Yeah it's pretty safe to assume that if you see me playing CS it'll be on this server, at least for the foreseeable future. With the wedding and house on the way its not a good time to be buying $700 worth in computer hardware... As much as I'd like…
  • test. This site, along with all our other hosted sites, has been migrated to our new, totally overkill 4U server. Looks like everything is working as expected.
  • Tyler post you wii friend code!
  • Oh and if you shop Dell's website from the small business side instead of "home" you can still get them with XP.
  • Dell Optiplexes tend to be entirely dependable machines without a lot of garbage non-essentials. You can get them with good hardware warranties too so you dont have to worry about replacing parts for the lifetime of the machine.
  • Especially awesome is our "pile-o-servers." The boss is taking his sweet time ordering a new server enclosure for us. Very pro. You'd trust your computers with us, right? :-)
  • Crap we're going to go broke!
  • for those who might be interested.
  • Well that's one. :-p
  • 4 days and still nothing......