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  • Hehe. I rented a server for a couple of months with the intention of setting it up...but never got round to it Compared to back in the day the monthly rental is dirt cheap though.
  • Hacked together another map for a CS1.6 mapping contest at Was kind of amazed that anyone would still be holding CS1.6 mapping contests but hey I'm not complaining
  • Woah! Congratulations Porter!
  • I can't really get away with saying 'the business' offline unfortunately Ordered an arcade stick last night in an attempt to improve my Street Fighter skillz. This may be getting out of hand... I enjoyed Arkham Asylum, mainly for the atmosphere,…
  • Not quite as old school as that! Super Street Fighter II was on the SNES, IV is on 360/PS3 and it's the business. I do have the original SFII on the SNES, but the gameplay does leave a little to be desired compared to its modern sibling. Also I can'…
  • Hey PK. How's that for response time eh? Totally addicted to Super Street Fighter IV at the moment, with Gears 3 getting a look in occasionally. Downloaded the first Gears DLC today and noticed that the file size was conspicuously low - looks like…
  • Oops bought a TV too...
  • Monster new monitor coming tomorrow too! I'll have nothing left to treat myself to when my birthday rolls round at the end of the month
  • New PC arrived today so currently restoring massive backup of Steam games!
  • Yeah I think a lot of games nowadays sacrifice performance for visuals/gameworld size. DR2 suffers from a bit of slowdown in places, which could probably have been avoided if they'd just lowered the zombie count a bit! So the engine can now show 700…
  • Finished Dead Rising 2 last night. Great fun
  • I loved Fallout 3. Must have played it through at least 3 times. New Vegas was okay, but just not quite as good. I hadn't played any of the original Fallout games so I didn't really have any grievances in terms of staying true to the seriess. I kee…
  • Me too. Struggling to decide on the spec though!
  • I'm still here!
  • Not sure if this will work but... I lost the final RMF files for most of the later revisions of de_remy_final, so the vast majority of the fine detail was all lost. Basically I threw on an axis spawn behind the original CT spawn, stuck 2 arti…
  • 2010 first! For anyone who's vaguely interested, dod_remy_b1 has been played a good few times now and was enjoyed by all :)
  • Mmm on-board graphics. Currently trying to arrange a playtest of dod_remy_b1!
  • How'd they go? I'll play anything, although I don't have a PS3.
  • I jacked in my job a few weeks ago, so as of Friday the 30th I'll be free and clear for a daytime CS revival. With a couple of months of solid training I should be back up to my career high of pick-up reserve by the Christmas hols :)
  • I work at a private school writing administrative type web apps in ASP.NET/C#/SQL. Yawn.
  • We 'upgraded' from 512k to 'up to 2mb'... Now I lag out whenever the phone rings :( Combination of piss poor ISP and dodgy wiring I'd wager, but as with everything else it takes effort to fix and effort is in short supply ;)
  • Late to the party I know, but I've just finished reformatting this comp from the ground up and next on the install agenda is HL2 et al. I'm definitely up for trying to get some co-op in, although whether having a horrendous ping will affect play too…
  • JB racks up around 25 hours a day server time on average. I'm not sure I've played 25 hours total this year :o
  • Lucky you set up that approval system: That guy's evil dontcha know!
  • Me and JB are 6 hours ahead then? One or other will no doubt be there :)
  • Hehe. I was actually kidding, but good to know when your allegiances lie :)
  • I recommend 100% custom maps rotation - guaranteed to draw randoms :)
  • I would go but I'm afraid of flying :o