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  • Looks nifty.
    in Keep Alive! Comment by SG November 2012
  • Hey Porter! I totally forgot that I work for a consumer products company when you told me you had a kid! If you want/use any Johnson & Johnson baby products, I can get you pretty much anything. Drop me a line.
    in Keep Alive! Comment by SG February 2012
  • I'm totally adding "the business" to my phrase bank. Arkham City was a let down -- and I loved the first one.
    in Keep Alive! Comment by SG November 2011
  • I didn't think it possible that one could have enough hookers or blow.
    in Keep Alive! Comment by SG July 2011
  • Awesome! Although I'm typically one to spend based on my future income, my change in employment needs to be settled before I can dedicate that kind of scratch. Hopefully, I can be back in the action by the end of the month.
    in Keep Alive! Comment by SG July 2011
  • Glad you enjoyed it. I haven't played either 1 or 2 but they look fun. I just picked up Gran Tourismo 5. Although I love the series and the presence of Ferrari is fantastic, I would not have bought this game had I known it would have the most ridic…
    in Keep Alive! Comment by SG February 2011
  • Fallout 3 had the post apocalyptic vibe down pat. I think NV was more polished, yet it failed to create the same atmosphere that the first two games did (and F3). I imagine it was a conscious decision too because of the direction of the story line. …
    in Keep Alive! Comment by SG February 2011
  • At the moment, I don't have a desk. I don't see that changing either so I'm looking for a laptop. Everything I want to play is pretty much multi-platform anyway, so the ps3 covers most of the bases. That said, I'm trying to wait out the new revisio…
    in Keep Alive! Comment by SG January 2011
  • I am alive. I still haven't gotten around to buying a new computer. I plan on doing that shortly though.
    in Keep Alive! Comment by SG January 2011
  • screenshots?
    in Keep Alive! Comment by SG March 2010
  • I'm looking to pull respectable grades in pretty much everything. Hopefully, the GPA ends up somewhere between 3.0 and 3.5 (out of 4). I turned in an awesome report for the first half of my senior design project, but biochem is still up in the air. …
    in Keep Alive! Comment by SG December 2009
  • Exams are done. I'll be looking to play something if you guys are down. Additionally, I now own a PS3. So if anyone has one, look rad306 up.
    in Keep Alive! Comment by SG December 2009
  • I think the up to 2mb might be your total bandwidth allotment for the entire month. Gotta read the fine print. If process design and control end up being less work than I thought, I'll hop back into gaming just for you doll.
    in Keep Alive! Comment by SG August 2009
  • Echo! I occasionally check to see if anyone is still alive. Alas, gaming isn't really something I do frequently anymore. For a good eight months of the year for the last three, I've spent at least eight hours a day in a library. One could argue I h…
    in Keep Alive! Comment by SG July 2009
  • I remember playing 1.5 on CSR but I'm sure people go back even further than that. I wasn't here from the beginning. Can't remember the last time I booted up steam.
  • How was this year's haul? I scored a ballin' camera. Hopefully someday I'll be able to take decent pictures. The only games I got this year were a bunch of lottery tickets, though I do have a gift card to best buy. I might try to pretend like I h…
  • Sounds interesting. I don't know when I'll have free time again though.
  • No idea, though if he's got candy he's okay by me.
  • I might not be able to make it this time around. Hopefully, I'll be there in spirit though and somebody will raise their blade in tribute before driving it into the back of an unsuspecting camper.
    in Game Time! Comment by SG October 2008
  • Haha good catch grounded. I got a smile out of that one. I really enjoyed Day of the Tentacle, though I think the Indiana Jones point and click is my favorite. (SCUMM is the best piece of software ever written.) The new sam and max is suppose to be…
  • I suggest we send an email to all of the registered forum users letting them know there is a server again. Perhaps we could try to schedule a single game a week? I'm not sure how much time we have in common, but it would be better than nothing I…
  • Don't know if you've seen this for XCOM, but it sounds like it be up your alley. up your alley My older brother had a genesis and my dad always had a computer for "work" that we played more gold rush on than he did actual work.
  • I'm enjoying mario kart wii right now. I'm really bad. It's quite amusing how bad I am at games that simulate things I can do in real life. See Guitar Hero/Rock Band
    in Holiday Bonanza! Comment by SG May 2008
  • If I had time to sure I would.
    in Site Downtime Comment by SG April 2008
  • I imagine it might be my PSU. I won't have the time to get another one that will fit the shuttle case before break is over. So I guess this is going to sit on the back burner for awhile.
    in Computer Issue Comment by SG March 2008
  • Having forgotten what this thread was about, my first thoughts were of the new Indiana Jones or Batman. If Cloverfield ends up on my school's movie channel or on HBO while I'm home, I'll probably watch.
  • I'd be willing to donate $$ if it would help. I probably wouldn't have the time to play but I took advantage of the generosity of others for a number of years, least I could do is chip in some money.
  • I believe the wii code is found in the address book. You basically can send miis and messages. You need friend codes for individual games to play them online though. I'd say add my wii code, which is found somewhere in this thread (I think), e…
  • I went with Crucial and all went well. +1
    in RAM Upgrade Comment by SG January 2008
  • Nope, and you've got mail. Anyone who has a wii should get super mario galaxy. It's the cat's meow.