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The true spirit of the Counter Strike Reloaded community began with a small group of people from StorageReview.com. With Eugene at the helm the Storage Review CS server went full steam ahead and quickly became a top-notch public CS server. But in the spring of 2001 things took a turn for the worse and Storage Review's Counter-Strike server shut its doors for good.

"Thankfully, one idealistic person never gave up on what SR had wrought. I remember listening to his ideas and thinking that there was no chance to heal the patient, even saying so to him. He didn't listen and instead put together a great team of people to resuscitate SR in a new incarnation; CSR.

CSR had problems as all human endeavors do. At times people migrated away from us and we needed to build up the community again. It was trying, to see something become so vibrant hit bottom and try to come back up again...rather like Asbury Park NJ. :/ With any and all problems though one thing has remained constant. There are people who love the game of Counter-Strike, people who are friends, competitors, clanmates, nemesises, and clowns. These wonderful people have kept SR/CSR going when any weaker bonds would have broken.

Community. This is what it has always been about. Not just a game of Counter-Strike, but friendships online that have lasted longer than relationships in the "real world". I have known some of you nearly as long as I have known my own son. I have never met a group of people I have had more fun being shot by, stabbed by, razzed, insulted, complimented, cheered, or booed. For over two years I have stood shoulder to shoulder with YOU, the people of CSR, and it's been a hell of a ride. We have a lot of work to get back to our peak, lots of ideas on how to build on what has come before, and it all depends on us...on community. To make it happen, and to make it worth it."

--John (Father Ribs), March 2002

And so here we stand today a new incarnation of two bygone servers. The new server has aptly taken the name Phoenix. The name shall server as a powerful reminder of our history and our unswerving determination to forge ahead even in the face of adversity.

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Happy Birthday Tenshi!
By Porter
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