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Code of Conduct

We at CSR play Counter-Strike for the fun and challenge of the game. We hope you enjoy your time here but ask that you to follow some simple guidelines,

  • Be respectful of those playing with you
  • Help your team complete mission objectives
  • Watch your fields of fire when friendly fire is turned on
  • Keep complaining to a minimum
  • Do not use vulgar language
  • Don't use racial, ethnic or sexual orientation as insults or derogatory remarks
  • Play fair and be willing to help out the other team when need be
  • Respect the decisions of all server administrators
  • Have fun!!!
Cheating and Hacking

Simply put cheating will not be tolerated on the CSR Phoenix server. Anyone caught cheating will be permanently banned from playing on the server. It will be at the discretion of the server's Admin Team to determine the final fate of any banned players.

The Website and Forums

Your use of this website is subject to the same rules that apply above. This is particularly important when using our forums. You can view the forum registration agreement here. Vulgar, racist, or otherwise inappropriate posts will be removed at the discrection of the CSR Staff, and can result in being permanently banned from using the forums. If necessary, we will contact your ISP as well.

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Connect to CS-R: Phoenix with as the IP inside CS, or try HLSW
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