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Thank you for your interest in helping out CS Reloaded. In February 2003 CSReview.com went through a change in both management and funding structure which directly resulted in the formation of CS Reloaded. To stabilize our monetary position [Wumpa] clan member Chris Peak, a.k.a. [Wumpa] yu^rei, volunteered to completely finance CSR's operation costs out of his own pocket. Now with a solid financial backing CS Reloaded can ride the treacherous ebbs and flows of donations while still maintaining our growing community.

While CSR's financial situation is now much more secure, we will still gladly accept donations. Any and all donations will always and only go directly toward defraying the cost of the game server and web space we rent from ReconGamer. In the event of any monthly surplus, it will be saved for the next month's payment. Donations will never be used for any purpose other than paying ReconGamer's monthly fees.

Thank you!

Donate to CSReloaded.com!

To everyone who chooses to donate: we really do appreciate it here at CS Reloaded. With your help we hope to help keep CS Reloaded a top-notch public Counter-Strike server!

Please note that this is strictly a voluntary donation with no explicit or implied guarantee of any status or service above that which is available to all community members. Contributors are expected to fully abide by all CS Reloaded community policies and will not receive special consideration in the rare event that disciplinary measures are required. In other words, your reward for donating is a sincere "Thank you for doing something nice," but please don't expect anything more than that. Connecting money with privilege is something people do in the real world and it causes a whole lot of resentment. We'd prefer to avoid that here.

In addition, we usually like to publicly thank our contributors, so that they can be applauded by the entire community for their generosity. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, we would be perfectly happy to oblige you-- just let us know when you make your donation.

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Happy Birthday Tenshi!
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On August 29, 2006
08:49:12 AM

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Connect to CS-R: Phoenix with as the IP inside CS, or try HLSW
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