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Hostage Rescue

Status: Completed

Download: cs_labassault

Review: Counter Server

Notes: This is the first map I 'released' for public consumption. The original map I'd been working on wasn't really cutting it so I turned to the old staple of remaking assault as an interactive mapping tutorial. I was fairly pleased with the result at the time although the map looks quite dated now. A bug with the surveillance cameras was fixed recently and the file above reflects this.


Status: Beta 4

Downloads: cs_reloaded_b1 | cs_reloaded_b2 | cs_reloaded_b3 | cs_reloaded_b4

Notes: For the second CSR mapping challenge (see cs_thinktank for the result of the first) we decided to make a collaborative effort. slightcrazed, Deuce and myself assumed actual mapping duties while many others contributed in both the playtests and ideas departments. An epic thread in the mapping forums charts the often patchy progress of this project - it's currently inactive after reaching a fairly advanced stage. Expect this map to be resurrected as a Source map one day when we get our collective asses in gear.


Status: Beta (part of timed contest)

Download: cs_thinktank_beta

Notes: This was the map I made for a friendly little competition between Deuce, MysteryMachine and myself. The idea was to crank out a map in a very short space of time - I think it was about 2 weeks in the end. Given the timescale I was pretty pleased with my effort, despite the fact the elevator doesn't work as I hoped it would. The map somehow made it's way onto the Last Resort server and stayed in rotation for some time. Apparently, by sheer chance, the map plays really well.


Status: Completed (timed contest)

Download: de_52gencorp

Notes: The legendary first 52hours contest at clan00.de/cstrike.de produced the classic de_52leon so when the second contest came around I couldn't resist entering. The theme of the contest was 'Pony Farm' which I duly realised several hours into the contest having already built half of my industrial-looking map... I rallied somewhat, producing a T spawn that fitted the theme and concocting a ridiculous .txt file to explain the setting. In it's current incarnation the map sports such classic errors as intangible trees and floating corn fields. A reworked final version may not be too far off.

More notes: The download above is not the exact version submitted to the competition. Simple errors which I didn't have time to correct before the deadline (the intangible trees mentioned above) have been fixed.


Status: All over the place

Download: de_citadel_t (test version)

Notes: There were two reasons I started this map: a) I wanted to practise making nice curvy rocks and b) I wanted to port across my fancy 'spawning with random weapons' entity setup from another map that would never see the light of day. Not only have I failed to finish the actual map itself, the random guns setup hasn't made it anywhere near the map either. A much revised edition awaits release, if I can ever be bothered to finish it.


Status: Beta 1

Download: de_flow_b1

Notes: After playing a bunch of the original 52 hours contest maps one night, I decided to try and produce a small map in a really short time. Hunting around online produced Ido's venice texture set and so the idea of a canal type setup was born. In this current version the teams can meet incredibly quickly - in the next one I hope to slow them up just a little bit.


Status: Beta 1

Download: de_icbm_b1

Notes: Technically this map belongs to slightcrazed, but a while back he offered it up for someone else to finish, since he didn't have time. I had other maps on the go back then so I didn't have a go, but recently I badgered him for the .map file and set to work tidying it up. Blazeeer...!'s awesome 'submerged' texture set is used extensively, including some nifty glowing computer screens.


Status: Completed

Downloads: de_just_b1 | de_just

Notes: A remake of de_dust. The first map that I would consider properly finished, although de_remy was close behind. This was another map made in a very short space of time. Well, initially at least. The map in fact lay dormant on my hard drive for many months before I actually tweaked it enough to be considered final. It offers slightly revised gameplay in comparison to dust, with access to the upper level from the underpass via a flight of stairs as well as a vent that connects the bombsites.


Status: Completed

Downloads: de_remy | de_remy_b2 | de_remy_b3 | de_remy_pre | de_remy_final

Reviews (original de_remy): Counter Server | Clan00.de (in german)

Notes: de_remy in its original incarnation is the reason I joined the CSR community. slightcrazed posted a message on the Countermap forums asking for mappers to submit maps for testing on the then CSReview server, and I snapped up the opportunity. Since then de_remy has worked it's way through a multitude of betas and quasi-final editions to arrive at what is now de_remy_final. This map is easily my most accomplished, encoporating almost everything I've ever learnt since I started mapping for CS.

Random trivia: de_remy began its life as a map called 'industry', which I started on the 29th of June 2002. If you include the time spent on this and the subsequent de_workforce as part of de_remy's development, the map took well over two and half years to reach final!

Assasination / Escape

Status: Beta 1

Download: as_crossing_b1

Notes: Another experiment, much like de_citadel. I wanted to try modelling rocks and water effects and this was the result. The map is actually pretty tiny and devoid of real detail. The main waterfall is fun to leap off of, but that's pretty much all there is to this map. Unlikely to be finished, although I may revisit the setting at some point.


Status: Completed

Download: es_improbable

Notes: Deuce and I challenged each other to make es_ maps for an es_ map night - of course we didn't realise beforehand that the es_ game type is a bit dodgy and escaped Ts can actually still run around the map. I resolved to find a workaround for this problem and the 'waiting room' filled with Zoolander posters was born. Escaped Ts appear in this room, have their weapons removed, and can view the rest of the round using surveillance cameras while taking no active part. Of course there's nothing to prevent CTs from wandering into said waiting room except common sense...

Known bugs: Both teams spawn with both a glock and a usp in the first round (don't ask). It's also possible for the map to reach a stalemate where less than half of the Ts have escaped and the rest are dead. At this point it's up to the players to do the noble thing and ascend the Stairway to Heaven...

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