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CSR is the home of a community of Counter-Strike players who value teamwork, fair play and respect in their gaming experience. This community is made up of individuals who have been playing CS together for over three years now. Below you will find the most recent headlines from the CSR news board.


New Registration CAPTCHA In Place July 15, 2006
With the help of one of my college professors, I've implemented a CAPTCHA on the Forum Registration page to try to stop the recent rash of bot-registrations and forum spamming. This CAPTCHA takes advantage of certain "hard" Computer Science problems, and should prove to be enough to stop the bots for now. The really unique part of this CAPTCHA however, is that it doesn't rely on images like most systems do (which are of course impossible for visually impaired users to use).

Of course, assuming an enterprising spammer reverse engineers the algorithm used (it wouldn't be THAT hard), the system is easily extensible to add new "questions." This should at least hold us over until I can get the forum software upgraded to SMF
Porter  07:24:42 PM CST   (3 Comments)


Call For Help! May 10, 2006
TEST CLOSED! Please do not submit any further requests!!

Fellow CSR citizens,

I have a client's website that is experiencing unusual behavior that I am currently at a loss to explain. In fact though, the details are irrelevant. What I do need however, is to ensure that the site is indeed "reachable" from different geographic locations. To that end, I would like to request the help of the geographically diverse group of people who still frequent these boards.

If you have a spare minute in the next couple days, I would greatly appreciate it if you could go to the following web page and fill out a form to ensure that it is working correctly. This information is not going to be used for anything other than verifying that the form is accessible and operational from everywhere.

Please use the information in the image below when you are filling the form out so my customer knows the message is a test.

Also please replace "[Your Country Here]" and "[Your State/Province Here]" with your actual location.


PS: If you happen to be in the market for industrial strength bolts or custom fasteners, you might want to check this site out for that reason as well.
Porter  09:41:20 AM CST   (13 Comments)


Another User Pruning Coming Up! March 27, 2006
Hey all. I'm going to be cleaning out the users database again in a week or so (figure April 3rd). That means anyone who hasn't logged in in the past two months is going to have their account deleted!

That's not really a huge problem since you can always reregister, but I'm giving you all the chance to save your accounts anyway. There is a list of users slated for removal. If your username is on that list and you don't want to lose your account, all you have to do is log in sometime during the next 7 days.
Porter  04:16:16 PM CST   (16 Comments)


Stats will be Offline Next Week January 31, 2006
This time we could almost get away with calling it "scheduled" maintenance as opposed to "unexpected interruption of service." Really what's happening is that yurei, Yuna and I are moving to a bigger pad across town and the DSL, while it is coming with us, will probably not make a completely smooth transition (if I know anything about how SBC operates).

Of course, I probably could have not even said anything and nobody would ever have noticed, but I do like to see new stuff on the front page once in a while so here you go.

Expect HLstats to be offline for an unspecified period of time next week while we move the DSL (and iCabbit!) to the new house.
Porter  09:30:51 AM CST   (10 Comments)


Happy Holidays CSR! December 24, 2005
Here's to a safe and joyful holiday to each and every one of you! I hope you all get to spend time with your families (not too much time mind you!) and that you get a chance to sit back and relax a bit. I wish each of you the very best!

Happy Holidays!

PS: Feel free to brag about your best holiday gifts. I wanna here what you all got!
Porter  10:27:21 PM CST   (11 Comments)


Frappr December 03, 2005
On Terraji's suggestion, CS Reloaded now has a frappr group.

From their About Us page:
Frappr was created by Brian, Kun and James at Rising Concepts, who wanted to see where all their high school and college friends went after they graduated.
Frappr (Friend Mapper) lets you see the zip code where your friends live or work, letting you find out who works in the office building next door and who lives in the apartment complex across the street.

I encourage all of you to go stick a pin on the map for yourselves!


Porter  10:02:51 AM CST   (2 Comments)


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